Downloadable Materials

Downloadable Materials

Awareness on adrenal disease is one of the main goals of the American Adrenal Association. In doing so, we have downloadable pamphlets and educational materials available that you can give to your local fire stations, doctors offices, hospitals or community colleges. We also have pre-made power point presentations you can present at your local community outreaches.

Printable Downloads

Cortisol Replacement Options

Managing Cortisol Replacement via Injections Protocol (Cortisol MDI)

Surgical Protocols for Cortisol Deficiency

Emergency Cortisol Injection Instructions

Cortisol Pump Proposal Letter to Your Doctor

How to Treat an Adrenal Crisis

How to be Tested for Adrenal Insufficiency

Guide to the Cortisol Pump

Guide to Steroids

Foundation Information

Explaining Adrenal Disease

Cortisol Pump Insurance Appeal Letter

EMS/Paramedic Protocol Advocacy Instructions

EMS/Paramedic Acute Adrenal Crisis Care Guidelines

PowerPoint Downloads

Adrenal Disease – Testing, Treatments and Symptoms

Caregiver Guide to Adrenal Disease

Guide to Steroids

(To present seminars, download the file and open in powerpoint. Google forms may distort the file and not show the full content)

Thank you for helping us raise awareness!